The Start Circular project hosts a three-day online training sessions

The trainings will target different topics that can add value to those who are including circular economy or entrepreneurship in their activities

The first training, which will be held on January the 30th, will revolve around the collaborative approaches that can be applied when designing the curricula and how those can be useful in the creation of synergies in Circular Economy. 
The second training, which will be held on January the 31st, will be focused on innovative transdisciplinary teaching methods for both entrepreneurship and Circular Economy.
And in the third training, which will be held on February the 1st, the lecturers will explain how to enhance start-up support services within universities.
Three trainings that will last around 2 hours and that will be a good opportunity for the participants to discuss and share their best practices and experiences. 
With these trainings, the Start Circular project manages to build capacities of entrepreneurial graduates and reinforces the collaboration between universities and SMEs.

With these activities the Start Circular project (funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU) achieves one of its main goals: to build the capacities of entrepreneurial graduates so that they can work in and develop sustainable businesses as well as reinforce the collaboration between universities and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in teaching, learning and training.