START CIRCULAR is timely. It advocates a more integrated approach to the management of university industry relations, support services and teaching for entrepreneurship and sustainability, focusing on how principles of circular economy should underpin this. Engaging urban and regional universities of different capacities, SMEs and NGOs, it will serve as a platform for practice sharing in training young ‘green’ entrepreneurs and leaders.


The Project Objectives are the  following:

1. To develop an integrated Entrepreneurship Management Model that is premised on circular economy, implemented by universities and SMEs in partnership, so as to enhance skill development and job creation related to circular economy principles.

2. To apply this model in universities of diverse capacities and needs in Europe, as a means to increase the number of graduates that are prepared to become entrepreneurs or future leaders in circular economy.

3. As part of its application, to train both university teaching and admin staff and SME staff on the co-development of study programmes and Work-Integrated Learning approaches related to circular economy.

4. To set-up, connect and internationalise Sustainability Labs at the partner universities, to help/train students and young graduates in developing businesses that integrate circular economy and co-responsibility.