Arminda do Paço, coordinator of Start Circular, presented the project at NECE TALKS

Beira Interior (UBI) and its Advisory Board, unfolded on 21 November 2022, marking an important step towards strengthening the link between academia and industry.

The main objective of the event was to strengthen the ties between the University and various companies, facilitating the exchange of experiences and resources. In this way, the University aims to use its specialised human resources to contribute to sound management decisions, while benefiting both the business community and society at large.

A wide range of companies participated in the event, joining forces with researchers and high-level attendees, including the Portuguese Minister for the Economy and Maritime Affairs, António Costa e Silva.

The focus of the NECE TALKS was to showcase a number of initiatives and projects that highlight the collaboration between business and academia. A dominant theme throughout was the intersection of entrepreneurship and the circular economy, reflecting a shared commitment to sustainable business practices.

Arminda do Paço, the coordinator of Start Circular, introduced our project to the audience, highlighting that Start Circular is a project that integrates higher education institutions, companies and NGOs in a concerted effort to bridge academia and industry.

During her presentation, Arminda do Paço explained that the Start Circular project advocates a comprehensive approach to managing relationships between academia, industry and support services. Emphasising the importance of entrepreneurship and sustainability, the project aims to become a key platform for sharing best practices in the development and training of young entrepreneurs and environmental leaders.