Empowering Education and Entrepreneurship: Start Circular’s Three-Day Training Unveiled

We are delighted to introduce the Start Circular Training: a three day program designed to deepen your understanding of the Circular Economy and its implications for education.

Day 1: Collaborative Curriculum Design

An exploration of the art of collaboration between academia and market stakeholders with insights from Mag. Tanja Malovrh, Doc. Dr. Gorazd Justinek, Dr. Ērika Lagzdiņa, and Dr. Jimena Estrella. Uncover practical applications for seamlessly integrating circular economy principles into educational frameworks.

Day 2: Transdisciplinary Teaching Methods

Dive into the world of transdisciplinary knowledge with expert lecturers from Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This session will focus on innovative teaching methods aimed at enhancing entrepreneurship and Circular Economy practices. Gain valuable insights and tools to empower students to think critically and creatively in solving complex challenges.

Day 3: Start-Up Support Services

A dynamic discussion with experts Dr. Jimena Estrella and Dr. Emanuel Campoy as they unveil strategies for universities to foster entrepreneurship within the Circular Economy. Participants will explore opportunities to provide comprehensive support to student and research entrepreneurs, igniting a wave of change in education and beyond.

Elevate your knowledge, reshape education, and embrace the Circular Economy with StartCircular